Smooth, Flawless, Healthy Skin Starts Today! Call 647-409-0089

Smooth, Flawless, Healthy Skin Starts Today! Call 647-409-0089

What is Milia?

A milium cyst is a small, white bump that typically appears on the nose and cheeks. These cysts are often found in groups. Multiple cysts are called milia. Milia occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Keratin is a strong protein that’s typically found in skin tissues, hair, and nail cells.

Milia is a skin condition that can occur in children and adults, mostly around the nose and eye area. Milia is often mistaken for acne like pimples but they are not as easily to ‘pop’.

What causes Milia?

Milia are small, dome-shaped bumps that are usually white or yellow. They’re usually not itchy or painful. However, they may cause discomfort for some people. Rough sheets or clothing may cause milia to appear irritated and red.

In older children and adults, milia are typically associated with some type of damage to the skin. This may include: blistering due to a skin condition, burns, long-term sun damage, and long-term use of steroid creams. Milia can also develop if the skin loses its natural ability to exfoliate; this can happen as a result of aging.

Though Milia can occur at any time and with anyone, it should also be noted that Milia is more common for people who are prone to skin conditions, such as rosacea and dandruff, or when wrong skincare and makeup products clog up pores. On the upside Milia can be treated with professional treatments and specific home care.

What can treat Milia ?

Electrocoagulation is one the of more popular treatments that eliminates Milia that is safe and effective. Chemical Peels are also great solution that provide amazing results as certain acids can reduce Milia.

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Reduce minor skin imperfections with minimal down time with ease and reveal clear skin with Electrocoagulation.

Chemical Peels

chemical peels provides deep exfoliation by removing dead skin off the surface of the skin, it also dries up breakouts and evens out skin tone.

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