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Smooth, Flawless, Healthy Skin Starts Today! Call 647-409-0089

Smooth, Flawless, Healthy Skin Starts Today! Call 647-409-0089


At Laserlicious we love skin, we are always striving to provide the highest level of skin care and treatments for our clients. Teaming up with AlumierMD allows us to provide effective treatments as well as products that are ingredient driven in showing real results. 

Everyone can have healthy, youthful, glowing skin, it’s just a matter of taking care of it. There are multiple skin types which is why it is crucial that we use the proper products for the appropriate skin type. This is why AlumierMD has formulated products and professional treatments that target each skin type and condition. 


What Makes Us Unique

Innovative Ingredients – AlumierMD uses the highest grade of ingredients at the correct percentages proven by clinical studies. 

Advanced Delivery Systems – The delivery system enhances the ingredient either by keeping it fresh and increasing absorption.

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Home care products and professional treatments work hand in hand to improve the health of the skin. Home care products prep your skin for professional treatments and then maintain and enhance the results after treatments. Professional treatments enhance the results of your home care products. By combining your customized home care routine with professional treatments, the result is glowing skin with improvements in tone, texture and the visible signs of aging.


AlumierMD’s committment to formulating safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens, sulphates, BHA’s ensures highest quality of skin care without additives. 


Healthy looking skin does not happen overnight, and treatments do take time to show results. A single chemical peel can provide the immediate effect of bright and radiant skin; however, more significant results in treating textural issues, fine lines and inflamed acne will take multiple treatments. The use of home care products daily and as prescribed by your skin care specialist is crucial to achieve maximum results. 



We have three words for you. SPF, SPF and most importantly SPF. We always have to protect our skin from the UVA and UVB rays regardless of the time of year. 

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Why Choose us

At Laserlicious we believe that education is power! Which is why we offer all of our Medical Aestheticians an ongoing training with Alumier MD, understanding products and ingredients and how they work with your skin is absolutely essential in order for our clients to get maximum results, and by educating our clients on how to take care of their skin at home they are able to maintain and optimize their results to the max.

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