Survival Guide — Laser Hair Removal – What To Watch Out For

Laser Hair Removal – The Basics

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The theory of laser hair removal is a simple one. Laser is attracted to colour, if there is colour in the hair, the laser will capture it. To be more specific – Laser can only kill the hair follicle when it is in the growing stage; because not all hair is in the same stage at the same time multiple sessions are required to capture the hair at the right stage.

Helpful Tip – while going through your laser hair removal sessions it’s important to avoid the following:

  • Waxing
  • Tweezing/Plucking
  • Topical Creams that are Light Sensitive
  • Direct Sun Exposure without Sunscreen

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Believe it or not, there are some factors that can hinder results for Laser Hair Removal. There are a few variables that need to be considered. This is important to know so that you don’t get sucked into paying hundreds of dollars for something that may not work for you.

The following points need to be considered whether or not you are a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal:

  • For Men – if you are under the age of 30, you will not see complete hair removal but a significant reduction. Hair still grows for men into their late 20s and slows down when they turn 30 (it’s not to say that Laser Hair Removal can’t be done, but it may take longer and more maintenance to get the desired results)
  • For Women – hormone imbalance plays a huge role in hair growth. If you do have a hormone imbalance this will affect the results of your Laser Hair Removal treatments (it’s always best to see a physician to address the imbalance) Some women who do have hormone imbalances do see significant reduction but it does take longer and more sessions to achieve desired results. Remember, hormone imbalance can cause new hair growth not regrowth; that is the difference.

Questions You Should Ask at Your Consultation

There are many places that offer Laser Hair Removal, it has become an oversaturated market and picking the right place can be an overwhelming process.
Here are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping around.

Know What Kind of Machine is Being Used

There are different laser systems out there, some of them are good some of them are not. It is so important to know which system is being used.

A prime example is when a business offers Laser Hair Removal services but the system is actually an IPL. IPL is the acronym Intense Pulsed Light, IPL is NOT a laser and is not an efficient method for Hair Removal. It is not to say that an IPL is not a good system, it works very well for skin treatments but not for hair removal.

Here are some points about the Soprano Ice, the Laser Hair Removal System we have at Laserlicious:

  • Medical Grade Diode Laser
  • FDA & Health Canada Approved
  • Safe
  • Latest Technology
  • Efficient
  • Virturally Pain-Free

Another Question That Should Be Asked Is How Long Will Each Session Be

Many business will brag about Full Body Laser Hair Removal in One Hour or Unlimited Full Body Laser for One Year.
If you see an advertisement for this, stay far away!

It is impossible to have a full body Laser Hair Removal Treatment done efficiently in one hour. That is not enough heat to be able to cover and kill the hair all over the body. Here’s an example, full legs properly done takes up to an hour to complete. A man’s full back alone takes a full hour to provide satisfactory results.

Let’s talk about Heat

The skin needs to be heated to a particular temperature for the hair follicles at the dermal layer of the skin to be destroyed. This is done gradually so that the top layer of the skin does not burn. This process takes time certainly longer than an hour for a full body treatment.

Sounds Like Laser Hair Removal is a Painful Process … Actually, it isn’t with the Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal System.

Let Me Share My Personal Experience With You
I first started with Laser Hair Removal about six years ago, I wanted my underarms and legs done first. Now, I am not one to tolerate pain very well but I sucked it up because I was thinking long term happiness and freedom. The laser systems back then felt like hot rubber bands snapping my skin, even though it was painful at times it was worth it. I was also wanting to get brazilian done but wasn’t sure if I could tolerate the pain. I was right, the treatment was brutal for me; I kneed the poor technician in the stomach and I could not sit still. After that I stopped my brazilian treatments, I knew I couldn’t take it even with the numbing cream.
It was only a few months later that the technician called me up and said that she got this new machine that is effective but most importantly be comfortable for me. Naturally I was skeptical but I mustered up the courage to try this new amazing machine – the Soprano Ice. I was blown away by how comfortable I was with this new machine. It was so easy, the quick mode was so comfy that I barely felt any pain. Even the pulses (shots) was tolerable because of the cooling feature. Needless to say I was impressed and hooked.

You Work Hard For Your Money

We know that Laser Hair Removal can be costly – just keep in mind that although it may be a lot now, you’re actually saving money long term.

We have all heard the age old phrase – You Get What You Pay For
This is certainly true with Laser Hair Removal. When you see low prices, chances are that it is good too be true, then it probably isn’t; in certain cases the following can be a factor: the machine being used is second hand, old technology, not a laser (IPL), or being misused.
There is also the other side of the spectrum, where places are too highly priced. You see this more with higher end and brand name places. It is really important to know what machine is being used so you know what you are paying for. It’s best to be paying for the service versus paying for the brand name.

When you spend your money on Laser Hair Removal you want to make sure that you’re getting value for your money. You want a place that will provide safety, results and comfort.

Customer Service is Important

For some people, Laser Hair Removal can be an uncomfortable experience simply because they are shy. It is so important to be confident with the people you choose to provide this service for you. You start to build a relationship with your technician and it’s critical that one, you are comfortable with them and two that they provide you with the best and safe treatment.

Why Choose Laserlicious

Our Philosophy or Mission Statement is providing the most professional, safe and effective treatments to our clients. We do not believe in ‘cutting corners’ or ‘taking short cuts’. Our client’s satisfaction and safety is our top priority.

We value our clients and believe being honest from the very start allows for a better professional relationship. We strive to provide the best, safest and comfortable experience for our clients. Laserlicious’ qualified team of Medical Aestheticians understand skin types, the importance of timing during and in between treatments and hair growth to provide the best results. We truly believe that being honest and handling our client’s expectations is a significant part of our job.

We are proud to have Alma’s Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal System in our Medical Spa.
We always give the following to our clients:

  • Latest technologies that the industry has to offer
  • Only using FDA & Health Canada approved systems
  • Experienced & Certified Medical Aestheticians
  • Safe & Result driven treatments

We provide our clients with the latest and greatest treatments at an affordable price.We pride ourselves in giving our clients exceptional service with amazing results. Our clients love us and we love them back.

We believe that everyone has the right to be Hair Free, we want to be a part of our client’s journey to looking and feeling better.